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10/11/08 07:58 PM #3    

Alan B. Detwiler Sr.

Hi Mike;
I wanted you to know I spoke to Ed Smith today. He is living in East Norriton and I told him to call you about a profile and the reunion. I gave him your number. Please let me know if he contacts you.
Alan Detwiler

10/13/08 07:56 PM #4    

Michael P Marchese

Thanks Alan. I Haven't heard from him yet but will let you know when I do.

10/24/08 09:38 AM #5    

Michael P Marchese


I did call him and gave him the website information and told him to log on and that I sent him a post card to his home address in Tennessee. He has been working in Atlantic City and wouldn't be home until mid November.


11/22/08 02:28 PM #6    

Ronda J. Stansbery

I contacted Anthony Ianozzi in California, and he just had neck surgery due to a previous accident, and he can't fly. I told him it would be good to update his profile in casse anyone wanted to contact him, and he was going to try.

11/28/08 10:41 AM #7    

Joseph S. Manzo

The reunion should be a hoot !
Looking forward to seeing all you old Dawg's !

11/29/08 11:36 AM #8    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Mike and All Who Worked to Make a Fabulous Reunion!

We had a great time. Your work is really appreciated.

I especially loved how you copied our pics from the Yearbook to make our nametags. That took some thought, and it made it so much easier to recognize our classmates. It's the connection of who we were with who we have become. Why do I see my mother's eyes looking back at me when I look in the mirror, and am I really 58?

It's a great idea for your idea of the party in a few years when the class of 1968 turns 60! Yikes!

11/29/08 05:14 PM #9    

Trudy R. Fitzhugh (Cardy)

Hey Mike Trudy Fitzhugh here just wanted to stop by and say great job I really had a wonderful time dancing and seeing all of the classmates from back in the day. Everyone looked a little older but the same. Thanks for putting it all together for us. I uploaded some pics. of the party feel free to take alook. Until the next time.
Trudy C

11/30/08 04:22 PM #10    

Ronda J. Stansbery

I uploaded reunion pics in my profile, and if any of you recognize your picture, please send me your name and I'll identify you in the pic.

There are others who didn't make the reunion who are checking out the fun we had, and I'd like to identify the pics with names.

12/01/08 09:24 PM #11    

Kathryn E. Lawson

THANK_YOU...Mike and all who helped you...Cheryl, was a great time and so much appreciated!
What a blast!!!

12/02/08 07:08 AM #12    

Earl H. Hershey Jr

Yes please! Names, Names, Names!!! You can't tell the players without a scorecard.

Thank you Ronda.

12/02/08 04:52 PM #13    


Donald B. Cassel

Hello Classmates;
Just want to thank Mike and the rest of the people who worked hard putting the class reuion together, my wife and I had a great time. I also want to thank all the classmates who are putting their own pictures of the reuion on the website for the ones who could not make it to see how much fun we all had.
Can't wait till the next time we meet again.
Don Cassel

12/03/08 12:36 PM #14    

Lucille M. Engro (DiPaolo)

We are all having such a good time looking at the pictures that are being posted. Also I just got a picture enlarged of me with my two closest high school friends, Connie Kriebel Smith and Sue Norman Hunsicker.
Mike, the picture frame was a good idea for a door prize. I now have it proudly displayed on my shelf just in time for the holidays.
Mike and the committee did a super job to make our reunion so much fun. I also feel we need to thank the spouses and guests who were brave enough to come. While I was wandering around reconnecting with friends, I kept going back to my hubby, Dom, feeling a little guilty. He finally said, "Honey, enjoy yourself and don't worry about me. I'm having a good time talking to the non classmate group" - Tom Hunsicker, John Gill, Terrence O'Brien, and Ben Gencorelli. Thanks guys for being so understanding. I happened to think about this because the day after our reunion, Dom had his reunion from Archbishop Kennedy. They also posted some pictures. I noticed one picture that I'm in is of dancing with a bunch of other non classmate spouses. Dom was reconnecting with his friends. I guess I better not complain.
Hope everyone keeps in touch. Lucille

12/09/08 12:32 PM #15    

Bonnie J. Schultz (Wolcott)

Mike and All the Reunion Committee Members:

Thanks for all the hard work everyone did on making this reunion such a memorable one. It was great seeing all those classmates, especially a good deal of them which I haven't seen since graduation.

I have to agree that the pictures from the year book on the name tags was a great idea. It helped in recognizing some people.

Once again it was an enjoyable time.

The best of holidays to all.

Bonnie Wolcott(Schultz)

12/10/08 10:41 PM #16    

Nancy L. Johnson (Fletcher)

Hi, Mike just wanted to say I had a great time at the reunion.This was my 1st. It was great seeing everyone it brought back so many good memories. Hope you put togeter the big 60 party for the class of 1968. Who would have thought we would be saying 60 anyway we still look good. May all the class members of 1968 have a wonderful holidy seaon.and a Happy New Year. Peace and Blessings. Nancy

01/21/09 02:05 PM #17    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Free CPA Suggestions:

1. Tell your family and friends to - Mark all of checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CD's), annuities, bonds and all investment accounts with POD, payable on death with the name and social security number of the recipient of the money. This means that accounts are not frozen if one person passes, and bills can be paid. The money does not go into probate so no associated taxes, and you don't have to wait to get the money. All you do is produce an official certificate of death to the bank or savings & loan.
This could save a ton of money and when someone passes, & it really helps to have all funds available to pay the bills from a funeral etc.
It's time to do what lawyers and rich people do, and if you notice, they seem to keep their money in their families. Our President said it is time we take care of each other, and this is my little way to passing on some of knowledge that others have taught me.

2. You can set up educational accounts (known as Section 529 accounts of the IRS Code) at any bank or credit union or financial institution for yourself, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc. The money in this educational savings plan goes into the account , and the money comes out tax free because it is used for education, and educational tools, books etc. Let's use the tax law to lower our income taxes, and help our families. You can fund the account up to April 15th of the following year. These accounts also help with ongoing or higher education to maintain your license (for me it was CPA) for yourself.

2. Make a Revocable Trust instead of a will, especially if your estate is worth over $1.3 million, especially if you win the lottery. The best word is Revocable because you may change it at any time." Then the items do not go into probate and all of the items go immediately to the recipients. Nothing is frozen, and you don't have to go to court in order to receive the items from the Revocable Trust. You don't have to hire a lawyer at $300+/hour in order to get your goods, and of course it stays out of probate court and associated taxes because it is a trust, and not a will.
This is what the wealthy do and of course lawyers do.
This is what Suzy Orman does and if you look at the boottom of any of her books or dvd's you will see it is marked as part of Suzy Orman's Revocable Trust! Suzy Orman has a trust section in her "kit" which sells for approx. $70 (see the CPA sneaks out every now & then). However if your estate is over $2million then perhaps you need to set up separate Revocable Trusts for each of your beneficiaries, and your CPA or lawyer may help you with carrying out your wishes. Or you can spend your families' or children's inheritance as you so desire to make your own dreams come true!

Being retired is great because now I can give free suggestions.

GOD bless us always and have a great life, Ronda

02/12/09 08:43 PM #18    

Shelley L. Bennett (Urrunaga)

Thank you Ronda for the advice . Sure do appreciate it.

Just a note to my classmates that I have moved to California and no longer in Coral Springs Florida.

06/25/09 06:50 PM #19    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Michael Jackson just died - he was 50. Shocking.
Sad news.

07/03/09 02:46 AM #20    


Bruce E. Smith

Our son Brandon has idolized Michael Jackson ever since he was two years old! As a result Michael Jackson inspired Brandon's dream of becoming a recording artist. Because of this obsession the entire neighborhood knew Michael lived in our home throughout Brandon's childhood!

When Brandon called us with the sad news we felt his heartbreak . He was devastated. As we mourn his passing images of Michael Jackson are bittersweet as they evoke sadness and the joyful memories of Brandon's countless family and school renditions of Michael's MTV videos.

In the midst of grieving the loss of his "Musical Inspiration" Brandon sings his emotional tribute to one of his favorite Michael Jackson songs.

"The legacy of Michael Jackson's global 'Gifts' accentuated by his diverse 'Musical Genius' has transformed a world destined for a 'Hopeless End' into a world of 'Endless Hope'!" - Bruce E. Smith, Phoenix, AZ 07/02/2009

Thanks for the memories Michael! May you rest in peace.

03/09/10 11:16 PM #21    

Ronda J. Stansbery

We have our official T-Shirt "We survived the 2010 Tsunami of Hawaii, after just returning from 2 weeks there. Seems to be the story of my life since I was conceived there on a demolition depot when my parents were stationed in Honolulu 60 years ago!

02/13/11 09:45 AM #22    

Ronda J. Stansbery


Do not post dates of birth, dates of death, marriage dates, etc. on any website.  It used to be we could honor our deceased loved ones by doing something using their date of passing.  We cannot do this anymore because people take it and use it for illegal activities.

Someone can take the info and get credit cards with that information, or do something nasty such as IDENTITY THEFT. 

If you have any financial questions, (and if I don't have the answer, I'll research it as best I can), just send to

Best part of being retired, is I can give free advice.  Yup - free advice.  Ronda, MBA, CPA-retired

02/19/11 11:36 AM #23    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Mike Marchese only wanted to have this site for 5 years, and I hope it stays.

If not, I'm on Facebook.  Bye 4 now, Ronda

03/08/11 07:36 PM #24    


Bruce E. Smith

This post offering "Free" consultations on how to effectively negotiate with "Car Dealers" was inspired by Ronda based on the Gospel song "If I can help Sombody".

Ever wish you could Tweet your "@Bro_In_Da_Biz"  to coach you with his "Insider Knowledge" of "Advanced Dealer Negotiation Tactics" and know that he's not going to try to sell you a Car\Truck\Tweener\SUV?

Based on my personal experience as a "Closer" at two of the most ruthless, high volume, dealerships in AZ, I'm volunteering one "Free" online consultation to confidentially help anyone who's afraid of being "Taken for a Ride".  

So, if you've ever felt like you were intimidated or "Bullied" into leaving too much of your hard earned dollars on the "Table" please email and mention that you want your free ,"NHS Class of 68", consultation.  

Note: Please adhere to the following criteria before contacting me:

1.) Do your vehicle research (I.e.;

2.) Be within 72hrs of acquisition.

3.) Don't sign anything at the dealership before we talk.


“When I first consulted with Bruce on car buying techniques, I didn't consider myself a novice having purchased several cars previously. However, the information he provided to me was not what I expected; he explained how the dealers and salesmen are taught to price cars, close deals, etc. to make an exorbitant profit. Bruce gave me the confidence to take charge of the deal and be OK with walking away vs getting taken. This resulted in a $4K savings on a Toyota Camry. I had to initially walk away to get it, but it worked. The techniques were amazing and I've passed them on to my kids. Whether seasoned or new to car buying; working with Bruce will teach you something you don't know and prove invaluable!!! Bruce is also one of the nicest people you'll meet or work with--the combination is definitely a WIN WIN...” October 18, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Margaret Randle hired Bruce as a Business Consultant in 2008

God bless you and may this be the first day of the best days of your life. :-)


03/08/11 08:03 PM #25    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Great idea, Bruce, as we all can "pay it forward".  Do 1 think for 1 person at least 1 time a day, and expect nothing in return.  We all know, that GOD Almighty has no limits to the returns that we will receive.    Best regards, Ronda, MBA, CPA-retired


05/31/12 10:30 AM #26    

Ronda J. Stansbery

Were any of you ever bullied in junior high school, or high school?  I wondered about that for years.

I was bullied starting in junior high school. My gym teacher stopped me from getting into a fight, and saved me from huge problems.  I just got to a point where enough was enough.  The girl who bullied me based her spite against me because I had friends who happened to be black.  The amazing thing was the teacher heard the words she said calling my friends the "n" word, and I told her to stop and I had enough and I started chasing her around the gym.  The gym teacher was part black, and she understood and took me into her office.She said she had to put up what that kind of abuse all her life, and it was time for me to ignore "uneducated" people.  Amazing that she cared enough to put my life into perspective.  Today we have a President of mixed race, and I'm so proud to live long enough to see that my teacher was right on target! 

The bully received all the awards in every year in school, and played the piano at every school function.  I asked her if she changed when I saw her name on this forum.  She asked "what did I mean?".   I asked if she stopped harrassing people and was ever sorry for causing me so many problems.  She never answered.  Duhh, did I really expect her to say she was sorry.  I guess not.  However, I did expect her to own what she did.  If it was not hurtful, why would I feel the need to post this.

The need is NO MORE BULLYING, ever!  It's time to stand up even if it's much later.  Guess who the bully is?

The reason it was brought to my attention is that Mike Marchese just sent an email announcing her birthday next week and today is May 31st.  So go ahead, guess who was the bully.

06/07/12 08:02 AM #27    

Ronda J. Stansbery

I asked Marie E. Greco Coverdale how you say, Happy Birthday to a Bully.

Happy Birthday Ms.

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