In Memory

Willie Sutton

Willie was in Home Room 59.  While at Norristown he participated in Baseketball and the Block "N" Pep Club. 

Willie passed away on April 6, 2003.  He was employed by Certainteed Corp in Valley Forge for 29 years.  He was survived by two sons.

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02/18/11 11:19 PM #1    

Bruce E. Smith

I was deeply saddened when I inquired and was told that Willie had passed.  We became  friends as seniors and remained friends after HS. We partied hard at all of the "Most Lively" fraternity parties, and dance clubs in Norristown,Chester, Pottstown,Reading, Coatesville,Harrisburg,Philly,DE,NJ,NY,RI, MD.  We capitalized on every opportunity to enjoy our batchelorhood living like there was no tomorrow. We acted like we were invincible.

After I relocated to AZ I would call Willie periodically to laugh as we fondly reminisced about the " Hungry Years "and caught up with our respective lives sharing updates on mutual friends.  

My wife Beverly also remembers Willie as being one of my two main "Running Buddies" along with Chipper Culbreath.   Both Willie and my wifes best friend Barbara were instrumental in our fateful first meeting.  (Cute story to be continued if anyone cares to hear I'll try to add it when time permits).

We shall always remember Willie as a faithful, kindhearted, sharing, caring, quality "Friend" with unmatched integrity. Willie was one of those people who's warm smile, articulate speech and calm demeanor encouraged me to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger during stressful times.  enriched the lives of all who had the priviledge of knowing him. 

I'm fully persuaded that God only created one Willie Sutton.  In a world of "Superficial Relationships" Willie epitomized the essence of God's love by allowing me to embrace that rare gift of a , once in a lifetime, friendship. 

Willie will be greatly missed but never forgotten. I shall forever thank God for granting me the opportunity of having everlasting, fond, memories of my friend Willie Sutton who made a positive difference and added immeasurable value to my life.  

I pray that I'll see you in heaven Willie...

If you're reading this message it confirms that God loves you so much that He wanted you to live long enough to know that He's not finished with you yet. I'm fully persuaded that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Therefore, I'm compelled to ask... "If you found out that this was to be your last day on earth do you know where you'd spend eternity?

During the course of my wild, reckIess, wretched life, where my careless self-destructive lifestyle should have killed me decades ago despite being guilty of committing many unforgiveable sins God revealed to me in my darkest hour that I couldn't "Out Sin" God's unlimited capacity to forgive because He still loved me.

God has allowed me to live long enough to share my personal testimony with you that I didn't get right with God until I was 41 . Since that burden lifting moment of surrender my life has never been the same because I know I'm bound for Heaven when my time is up.

I invite you to go to "" and read " John 3:16 " . Please contact me if you need someone to pray with or for you or answer any questions you have about God's unconditional love for you ---before it's too late. I once was lost but now I'm found. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

God bless you and may this be the first day of the best days of your life! :-)


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